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Team Essex loses the lead after collision

Team Essex loses the lead after collision

With still two hours remaining of this years first Le Mans Series, Team Essex has already in the first half of the race on the Grand Prix circuit in Barcelona, shown that they belong in the top of the LMP2 class ( kunne også være.... Shown they should be counted as a top competitor in the LMP2 class). After three hours race John Nielsen had put the Team Essex car in the lead of the LMP2 class with 48 sec to the second and a 6th place in the general classification.

After a collision with the fellow countryman Allan Simonsen (Driving a Porsche in the slower GT2 classe) the Team Essex car needed to pit to change the bodywork at the rear part of car. The collision happened shortly after John Nielsen had overtaken the fellow countryman in the GT2 Porsche, a competitor in front of the two Danes spun and John Nielsen was able to brake which Allan Simonsen was not resulting in the collision between the GT2 Porsche and the Team Essex Porsche.

After 147 of the scheduled 215 the Team Essex car with John Nielsen and Casper Elgaard is 12th in the general classification and 4th in the LMP2 class.

Further information will be available at the end of the race

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